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Today we have lots of frameworks and technologies to build restful APIs. There are some differences between those technologies.

In here I have explained how we build restful APIs using Nodejs and express. So Nodejs is a very popular technology for build backend services. We have a framework that can use with Node. That is Express. You should have proper knowledge about Javascript and NodeJs, before go through this. We can create Restful APIs using only Node, so why we need a framework like Express. You’ll understand it later in this blog.

What mean by RESTful Services


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I have discussed here all about the docker and containerization concepts in this blog. I’m not going to talk about hands on practical things in here, but I’m talking about all the basic concept and explain how it’s actually work in real world.

Why we need docker and containerization

Actually docker is an eco-system that create and run containers. So first we should understand why we need this.

When we develop a software or web application there are multiple teams like development team, testing team, operational team. Developers are used several technologies and frameworks to develop a software. …

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In this blog I have explained about what is multithreading concept, how works multithreading in Java and how to implement simple program using threads.

If you have an idea to expert with Java, this concept is very important because multithreading concept is very useful when we develop large software.

So let’s get start…..

What is multithreading concept

Before understand this concept we should consider about multitasking. So what is multitasking, let’s get a real world example most of the developers are listing music when they coding, so there are two task happen same time as parallelly. This concept is multitasking.

When we…

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In this blog I have discussed about what is JPA and how to implement demo project to understand this principle.

In the IT world we work with many number of data. So these data is subject to various processes, so for these processes we use various of software or tools.

Sometimes data might be loss. Because of that we should persist our data in a secure place like a database or files.

Most of the database are relational database that’s mean if we want to save data in a database we should create tables and save those data…

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In here I’m talking about Redux in React. I highly recommend, you should have proper knowledge about React fundamentals before going through this concept.

First we see what is the definition about the Redux. In React documentation has a proper definition for the Redux as fallows.

“Redux is a predictable state container for javaScript apps”

So to understand this I’ll break this as a three part as fallows.

 It is for JavaScript apps

 It is a state container

 It is predictable

Then let’s dive deeper in this three part

Redux for JavaScript application -> Redux…

Introduction to React

  • · Developed and maintained by Facebook and Instagram.
  • · A JavaScript library for creating user interface.
  • · Serves as the view of MVC architecture.
  • · Suitable for large web application which use data and change over the time without reloading the entire page.
  • · React Native caters developing mobile application for various platform and React VR caters developing VR applications.
  • · Aims at Speed, Simplicity and scalability.

Notable features

  • One-Way data flow.

. Single source of truth-data is originated and kept in one place, data is immutable.

. Data flow from the parent component to the child component.

Lakshan Madhuranga

Undergraduate at university of Kelaniya, and Studies ICT in faculty of computing and technology.

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